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the gift of masculinity

Fulfilling Your Purpose as a Man

I think that there are beautiful and unique perspectives that are particular to men and women in living out our purpose. My method highlights ways that each of us can live our masculine and feminine energy in our purpose.

Spirituality is often overlooked or even ignored in other programs that expand upon your purpose. I aim to work with clients who want their spirituality integrated in their growth.

Men Anchored in Faith

I have respect for each person’s unique religious freedom. While I am able to work with anyone, my services most specifically targeted at spiritually grounded men from Judeo-Christian faiths.

I believe that our unique role as men of faith in the world holds a powerful responsibility that we cannot shy away from in difficult times. The people in our lives want and need men who are strong in mind, body, and soul.

We had a duty to take care of ourselves in order to best give of life to the people entrusted into our care. Self-mastery is a key skill required to fulfill the task of being a good man.

There is a common misconception that men must handle their responsibilities independently and figure everything out with help. I think that’s a lie. I believe we are our best selves when we are surrounded by other men of faith who encourage, challenge and support us through every season of life. 

Enrich Your Role As




Fully Integrated Growth

Growth tailored to the heart of a man who seeks to embrace his inner power and strength to create a world of harmony around himself.

Your focus will be on developing your purpose and career to best live out your unique role to reflect the heart of God to the world. I believe this is the space where you can thrive best and your family and community will most benefit from your investment in your growth.

“Heart speaks to heart”

“The single greatest factor that will shape our freedom, our strength, and our ability to become a king is receiving a spirit of sonship and allowing our understanding of our true Father to be reformed in every facet where it was harmed, lost, or learned wrong.”
Morgan Snyder
Becoming a King: The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man