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Podcast One sheet

Looking for a podcast guest, an expert analyst, or a phenomenal storyteller?

I love speaking with different people and have experience being a podcast host and guest. This is a quick snapshot introduction to me and my focus. I have my own equipment for production-quality recordings for audio and video content.

Cristóbal's Bio

Cristóbal Almanza is a design leader, facilitator, experience consultant, artist, speaker, and life coach.

After a decade of team management, Cristóbal knew that empowering others was part of his purpose. He expanded his training to add professional life coach to his expertise with a focus on career and purpose. He spends his days consulting, leading design teams, coaching meaning-seeking professionals, and creating art on the side.

He aims to improve the lives of others through beauty, empathy, love, and clarity. He incorporates his rich professional experience across industries with his heart focused on helping people. Hard-tested resilience has convinced him of the need for holistic healing accompanied by coaching support for a purpose-centered life.

His methodologies span the intellectual, physical, and spiritual. As a person of faith, he loves his Latino Catholic roots and surrounds himself with fellow Christians and people of all faiths and cultures. He aims to soak his life with meaning and purpose to inspire others to build their own lives of intentional impact.

Suggested Interview Topics

Creating a Life of Meaning

Guide to start building meaning into your routines

Finding Your Life's Purpose

An introduction to one of life’s biggest questions that we all over-complicate

4 Models of Wealth

Wealth is more than money. Measure your success by more than your bank account

Incorporating Spiritual Growth in Your Personal Development

Get started on conversations with the divine to keep life in perspective

Diversity and Inclusion - Career Development

Years of DEI work have shown me hidden considerations in development as a minority

Practicing Presence in Work

The illusive flow state is not the only way to practice mindfulness in our craft

Suggested Interview Questions

How did you get involved in purpose coaching?

What's are the most common impediments you see holding people back from a life of meaning?

How do you coach people that only want to make more money?

What was it like to climb the ladder as a minority in business and tech?

What are common issues you see in people making a career transition?

What kind of role can faith play in personal growth?

What do people get wrong about purpose?

How can professionals better measure success beyond a paycheck?

How can we build in more meaning in day-to-day life?


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