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I have years of experience with presentations, conferences, workshops, classes, and retreats given to thousands since 2007.

Presentations that are more than motivation.

Words with the power to engage and transform.

I believe in the power of words. Your group is looking for more than generic content with the intent to entertain or excite. Your group needs inspiration and transformation of thoughts and mindsets that can have a direct impact on everyone involved. This is the base of true action and the beginning of change.

Presentations can be customized to fit the current circumstances of your organization or event.

Common Focuses

  • Living a Purpose-Centered Life
  • The importance of self-awareness
  • The power of mindsets
Austin Design Week 2021

Finding Your Purpose Workshops

Learn how to get started finding greater clarity for your purpose in life.

Design & UX Presentations

  • Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users
  • How to Use Design Thinking for Your Personal Life
  • Reconciling Business Goals with User Needs
  • Culture as Context – International Design Thinking

I speak for myself and do not represent the views of my clients, partners, or any other organization.

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