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I believe in your power.

About Cristóbal Almanza

Latino artist and design director with a passion for human-centered design. Daylight as a design strategist and leader. I am also a freelance painter part-time.

Seeking to improve the lives of others through beauty, empathy, love, and clarity.

I have over a decade of experience mentoring and leading teams to reach their best potential. I discovered the career coaching profession accidentally and immediately knew it was what I was already doing. I knew I could have a larger impact in the world by sharing these gifts with a larger audience.

Professionally trained in coaching through the Jay Schetty Certification School and certified by the Association of Coaches (pending).

Empathy & Faith in Action



My Practice Can Serve You and Your Organization in Several Ways

Personal Coach

One-to-one coaching and group coaching focused on helping you find and live out your purpose at work in all areas of life.
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Workshop and meet facilitator for groups that want to get the most out of their time and ensure voices are heard.
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Professional speaker for conferences, retreats, and virtual events. Focused on pupose, goals, motivation, and DEI.
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Living with Heart

I want to spend my life giving to the people around me in a way that reveals goodness and truth. I do this through a wide variety of roles and activities. Learn more at

  • Design Leader
  • Team Manager
  • Latino Artist

Over a decade in managing teams, over 15 years in the tech and design industry, and delivered hundreds of presentations and workshops to thousands.

I want to amplify, inspire, and transform hearts to pursue a purpose-centered life of meaning.

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one."
– Marcus Aurelius
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