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Coaching & Facilitation


I help professionals align to their purpose so they can find meaning in work and make a better living.

Promoting Personal Development and Effective Team Collaboration

Meaning is what motivates us to deliver our best work. I believe we’re all leaving opportunities for meaning-making on the table. The opportunities are In our personal career development, team meetings, and notably in the mission of fulfilling our life’s purpose.

My work is to help more individuals and teams saturate their lives with meaning to drive better outcomes and improve satisfaction.

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Personalized and Group Coaching Based in Austin, TX

Coaching and Facilitation OVERVIEW

My Service Approach


Listening and understanding


Identify the opportunities


Executing on the opportunities


Growth-oriented clarity

personal coaching

Get expert support to create a future built upon a deeper meaning.

Target Clients:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organizational Leaders
  • People Managers
  • Ambitious Employees
  • People Looking to Align with Their Purpose

Let’s Partner to Bring Clarity to Your Purpose


Life-Changing Engagements

Hear reviews from real clients:

Coaching with Cristóbal was a great experience. I was feeling stuck in work and he helped me see more clearly great things I had already accomplished and expand what was possible for my future. Expanding my mindset of what is possible, was my biggest take away.

Alex L

Carpentry Entrepreneur

Working with Cris, even briefly, was a profound experience. His deep understanding and thoughtful questions made it easy to open up and tackle complex challenges. Thanks to Cris, I now have a practical roadmap that aligns with my larger aspirations, and I’ve already begun implementing it with confidence! His positive, yet realistic approach has been truly transformative. I highly recommend Cris to anyone seeking to make significant advancements in their career journey.

Sam G.

Entrepreneur and Designer

Cristobal is an amazing Career coach who helped me setup a great plan to be able to reach my goals. He
was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions on how to better my career. I definitely
recommend Cristobal and will definitely be back for his career advice.

Nicholas M

Tech Specialist

Cris’s sessions came at the best possible time in my life.

I came to him when my career was changing and spiritual life was reawakening. He helped me to clarify my vision, define what motivates me to advance my dream career, and make a plan that I can use to pursue a fulfilling life that incorporates my spirituality.

I am very grateful for my investment and have been connecting my friends with Cris.

Nick McC

Artist and Educator

I came to Cristobal so I could improve and grow my business and balance/reconcile my need for stability and creative fulfillment within my work. His coaching is both holistic and precise. Within three sessions of working together I felt like Cristobal fully understood my business (and helped me to understand it better myself) and helped me diagnose the chief problems my business was facing and create a practical plan to move forward. I have since been able to simplify my focus toward the things that actually help my business, and I have moved out of inertia and procrastination of wondering what to do. In as little as a couple months I have seen more clients and more income.

Luke B

Entrepreneur and Musician

3 Ways I Can Serve You

Helping individuals reach their next level and expediting innovation for groups.


Practicing Integrated Approaches:


Customizable Modalities and Frameworks for People of Faith

Sessions that Challenge, Clarify, and Inspire

Growing in your career and aligning better to the reason you were created to serve the world.

The average person spends most of their adult life stuck in a cycle with limited growth and potential.

Most people point only to their job or vocation, but your purpose isn’t limited to a person. Your purpose is bigger than that.

I believe that God doesn’t want you wasting your life confused about what to do. Our creator isn’t holding back a secret, intending to keep you miserable.

The answer is already written in your life. The problem is that it takes some effort to break through the noise, and it helps to have some clarity in the process

Cristóbal Almanza Portrait

My Mission Is to Inspire Purpose-Centered Lives and Clarify Vision.

I have years of experience in leadership and management. Spending most of my career forming others in developing their craft and creating roadmaps for careers to help teammates create their dream roles and responsibilities.

I have also spent years forming intentional young leaders through discovering their gifts and empowering them with skills to lead on their own.

I found my purpose in guiding others through big changes and achieving life goals that bring them fulfillment.